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and now its time for part three of the dogging story woof as dealer chelsea and mr pussymeet up for the breaffing before going out on the field dynnargh welclome falite croeso so lets return to 2013.

September 24, 2016

so lets return to the office of mr platform good after noon gents so this is your finall breffing before you go out on reconacance but first as you know your going under cover oh good said dealer are we having duvets and pillers .as chelsea said i want blankets sorry mr platform said theres a blanket bann on its duvets or continentall quilts or nothing gentallmen as you know where in the common market as he looked around wheres mr pussy ashis knob started to flash as dealer said i say sir what a big knob you have .as mr platform answers where are you pussy get here now on the double quickly does it a few seconds went by as a knock on the door as mr pussy with his new pair of cats on his feet .comes in to mr platforms office attention agent pussy im going to have to throw the book at you now lets see what i have oh yes this one will do called london  oh i say said dealer that must of hurt as the book hit agent pussy so explain your self well sir i had a night on the tiles and i was on the ridge one s then i lost all treck of time ,thats simpley not good enough agent pussy i see by your footware you have a new pair of cats on your feet i trust you have had them vaccinated and got the relivant papers to show me .so gentall men its 3 its time for tea oh yes sir they all say but first heres your kit youll need theres some spoonsd table tea dessert serving if you have to do the sppooon possition and some whipps to eat i love them but there so small theses days dealer said as mr pussys fone rang as he pulled it out as mr platform said what type of fone id that sir its a rough fone on the yapp yapp network ,as agent dealer said im on air earth fone 55megger bites i tell you my hands are coverd in bite s then chelsea said well im on voodooo fone under the spell ,gentel men ehough silence yes sir heres your tea as they looked on the plate there was cream slice and chocolate eclair and two sticky buns as dealer took the eclair at very ones horror aND SWALLOEED IT WHOLE YOU PIG MR PLATFORM SAID RIGHT GENTS HERES YOUR SP YOULL BE COLLECTED AT 1700 TONIGHT AND AIRLIFTED TO WHIPPY CROSS GIVEN A MAP AND CUMPACE YOUR COVERS AND FLASKOF TEA DONT FOR GET AGENTS HUCH PUPPY HE SPEAKS VERY LOW ENGLISH WHISPERS YOU KNOW AND CUFFBET FROM SPEACIAL BRANCE WHO WILL ON A BRANCE OF THE TREE SO WATCH OUT FOR HIS OFF THE CUFF REAMARKS SO GENTALL MEN SEE YOU AT 1700 SO UNTILL THE NEXT TIME END OF PART 3

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