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as you know back on september 2ndit was 350 years of the great fire of londonon sunday 2nd setember 1666 london further from home this is uttoxeter calling dynnargh welclome falite croeso

September 24, 2016

we have all heard the story of the great fire of london which started on sunday morning of september at 1 am from pudding lane in the eastern part of the city from theking charles kings bakers in medeival part of the city the bakers shop owned by thomas faryou made lots of bread and he had big sticky buns he had a manservent who helped him on this particular night the oven was heating up in them days they was not electric or even gas they had no oven temperatures or oven lights asa the family slept a spark flew out of the oven and cought the bags of flour alight flour is a very explosive subbstance before any one knew it the place had gone up like a cinder box the houses in them days was mostley made out of wood and the streets was very narrow there was not much of a fire service and no local athority housing the only was to get water was via the river thames by bucket as the flames engulved the street the man whom tis be said wrote the daliy diary called samuel pepys about his life in medieval london ,and how earlier in 1665 they had the plauge which a lot of londerners crocked .as thomas faryou and his family jumped from a upstares winder thay ran for help  the fire cunsterables rallyed around and collected and threw over concecitive buckets o0f water to try and douse the flames but they was out beeted so they went to arrouse the mayour of london sir thomas bloodworth who was natuarrly furious beeing woken up and especally beeing told sorry geezer no sticky buns or bread in the morning as the shops on fire and so every thing as well .as he came to assess the situation to no avail as the strrets burned all around him it was suddjested that some dwellings should be pulled down he was having noubt of that as the fire continued to rage accross the city .as the mayor of london went to the tower to see the wider pic of the deverstation as the city burned out of control and at thay time there was no insurace  in the end the king at the time charles said ive had enough of this and offerd rewards to any one to help pull some buldings down to make a fire break . even tis be said by the man whom wrote the diarys samuel pepys even saint pauls cathedrall went up as the lead of the roof exploded as it hit the ground .after the fire was brought under control, sir christoper wren was given the job to rebuld saint popp pauls and some other buldings it took many years to rebulid london .and cost a lot of money as well as life there was many conperanthy theries at the time of the people who may of had a hand in the burning of ;london,

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