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so lets take one last stroll around londonso for the last of the londons storys lets look at the market towns around it as you may be aware london is made up of 32 boroughsbut lets see what the towns that make up the capitall and recormend by a points system the best towns to vist dynnargh welclome falite croeso

September 28, 2016

as we all know the city of london with its bright lights and in the west of the city is londons heart where the life is .we all know about its famous bright lights and inteseting buldings to vist in the west but all in all some places are as poor as anything in londons diverse population and how each area is still different today as it was before london exspanded in the not to disstance past .so lets start with the northan part of london with towns like stoke newington n16 a small place with lots of upper class shops cafes and an interesting grave yard the town offers lots of pubs and places to sit out and have a cup of delux coffee the town is served by a regular train servise which goes from either chesant in heartford shire and liverpool street in the eastern part of the city .then of course theres Islington with its bright new shinny buldings and markets at chapple street and camden passage on saturday and wednesday the town is very up market and has a little park and variuos cafffees and shops the town has many famous people in it the shops are well stoked and the town is served by excerlent bus services and is on the black northan line .then of cource theres camden with its very cannels busserling markets and freindly people with its big retro markets has a lot to offer to the shopper with plenty of places to eat and have a drink .thens theres the pleasant place of wansted with its well layed out clean parks and intersting shops the people are friendly and the town is served by the red centrall line which runs every few mins .thens theres wood green in northan london the town offers up to date shopping in the shopping center in the middle of the town there lots of parks and caffees the town has many interesting buldings and it served by the piccadilly line the purple one towns near by is tottenham with its seven sisters and bruce grove station on the main line from liver pool street and tottenham is served also by the victoria line which was opened in 1969 its the light blue one on the tube map ,then theres spittle fields where the famous gentall author writes there famous blog for all the world to see in there time of beeing there they turned a run down place into a pleasant place to vist and its not far from liverpool street in eastern london .thens there holborn in centrall london its a town with many interesting shops and the british muesuim is there well worth a vist so lets look at southern london the best place is to vist is catford the town has many interseting buldings and not far from the village of bellingham the town has a main line train service and lots of shops to see .thens theres kilburn in northan london served by the london underground the orange one the town has lots of shops and pubs its not that far from south hamstead and euston in central part of london thens there hamstead its self a very posh place with its quaint streets and variuos shops and at christmas they have the best christmas decorations in the city ,then in the far western part theres westborn park a town with lots of shops not far fron sheperds bush aND THE WESTFIELDS SHOPPING CENTER thens there s upper clapton where worrior queen libby has her queendom as you know she rules here town with her gang of devoted followers ,a town near hackey in eastern london .thens theres Wathamstoe in eastern london e17 walthanstoe is famous for the pop group wich made many famous songs in the 1990s it has one of the biggest markets in eastern london theres also the very pleasant village wich is like a step back in time .the town has lots of shops and cafes and there s bethnall green the locals call it banglour green the place comes alive on a sunday with its two famous markets brick lane and cLOUMBIA  WHICH OFFERS PLANTS OF MANY SORTS THE SMALL TOWN IS SERVED BY THE RED CENTRAL LINE TWO POINTS TO REAMEMBER THERES NO TOILETS THERE AND DONT SHOW SHORT SKIRTS OTHER THAN THAT THERES LOADS OF RETRO SHOPS THERE / AND THATS IT OF THE LONDON TOWNS VBUT NOT FORGETTING THE TOWER OF LONDON IN THE CITY WELL WORTH A VIST, AND ALSO DALSTON IN EASTERN LONDON SERVED BY THE ORANGE OVERGROUND LINE .AND NOT FORGETTING CRYSTAL PALACE WITH ITS LONG HISTORY AND ITS PARK WITH THE DINOSAURES IN IT ALSO ON THE ORANGE LINE IN SOUTHERN LONDON NEXT TIME ITS WILL BE TIME TO TELL YOU WHATS THE TOP 4 PLACES TO VIST SO UNTILL THEN  AND NOT FORGEETING CROYDEN AND HAMPTON COURT WHAT A CHILLING EXPERANCE THAT WAS

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