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so now its time for the voteing and reasults to come in from the southend and bethnall green jurysbefore i left the place back in july dynnargh welclome falite croeso.

September 29, 2016

so first of all lets talk about the events that lead up to the demise of secpit towers i must admit at the time of what happened left me extramley tramertised as for mark of cannock he didnt help either with his selfish attuted but like every thing else its a case of learning having to live with it .heres some pics of the other decorations that was to be the last in the secpit towers story so first of all its ireland 1916 as we all know the story of the easter riseing 100 years ago when James cONNOLEY AND PATRICK PEARCE STOOD OUT SIDE THE POST OFFICE IN DUBLIN AND THE FIGHT STARTED FOR INDEPENDANCE OF THE YEAR AND ALSO  starring saint patricks day decorations that i allways put up every march the 17th

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