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uttoxeter calling and nows its time to look at what ever happend to lockland nessy the wee beasty after all hes the darling of scotlanddynnargh welclome falite croeso

September 29, 2016

so wheres lockland nessy as you all know hes the darling of inverness in the country of scotland but theres been no sightings of the wee beasty for quite some time now or is just the fact thats hes like most men playing fifa 17 as you know you boys the lasetest game is out for your playing machines on the three various formatt s so as we all know the mystery of the lock ness monster has been aroung for many centerys thay be said that when christianallity came to the country that the monster was bannished never to return to the lock ,but that i find personally hard to belive since when ever has a man done as told ,in fact in most cases the oppisit would applie i think its proberly a combination of all them ciggys and booze why little locky has not been sighted typical man .do you know that theres a guy who lived by the lock making figgers of little lockland hoping for his return .or perhaps as Iceland isnt that far away perhaps locky does his shopping there .lets hope he getts the double bonius points .thay be said that the monster has in the past been sighted in locks in germany after all if you think about it logically anythings possible.but no doubt lockland nessy will return some time soon the thing with lockness the main food supplie is mostley of small eels not enought to support a hungry monster and not a chip anywhere .the lock inits self is very deep and lots of underwater caverns under thye old castle there or perhaps olde locky just at night gets out the lock and finds some where else to lay his tail who knows just a typical male monster .

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