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this is uttoxeter calling dynnargh welclome falite croesoit was supposed to be stafford calling the return but due to an industrial disspute you cant get the staffi will do an ulternitive story called boudica and the ciggy 1964 to 2015

October 5, 2016

so lets have a look at the peralls of smoking why for me it became second nature to light up after all all the family smoked and on the wireless and tv every body smoked and after all lets face it when my aunty said smoking is easy than washing up she had a point ,and not only that to reach for the coffin nails was like a friend to reach out to in the 1960s when my aunty used to buy 20 cigs for only 2 shillings and in the 1970s they was 45 new pence i reamember one of my step fathers tryed to give up and took this aunty stopping medication called tennce 60 in a blue box mind you he smoked the strongest ciggys you could buy you used to get into his small automobile and every thing was sticky even more that ptor and his creame sent of his cakes as one opened the door the smoke used to travel down the road by at least four foot but as the years had passed at the time the ciggys was a crutch as the friends left or the so called boyfriends went i found the ciggy was the only friend i had at the time it was there and never critised me but at the same time i knew in my mind that if it wasnt the cost finanncally that would be my down fall it waould be the coffin nails them selfs i was horrified on severall occations in banglour green that the kids used to puff on joints perhaps they have progreesed the ciggy either way its a fools game and like any drug before you know where you are your hooked for life so if you think about starting smoking think long and hard a ciggys not just for easter its for life of hard ship

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