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so lets look at my life here and did anything ever change for the better in the past few weeks since i thought id left the problems of an unreasonable boyfriend and the trouble with them bastards at tower hamlets behind was the sacrefice worth it dynnargh welclome falite croeso

October 7, 2016

so what happened ? well as you know mark played me up and mooved in his mates who he annonced that thay are his best friends and it looks like thay will reamain living with him for the duration so it looks like that its just not working but it seems that my life is now based on the phone wheather it been talking to my mother christoper,libby the gental author .theres just no phyiscal contact which was not what i thought would happen,the thing about my time in london as you may be aware died out due to unforseen circumstances .before i left i contacted P>T>O>R> via his mate i hoped at least one thing would of happend in that respect but sadley it didnt .the people are friendly here but its lonely i suppose its a case of dont belive what a man tells you and i must admit ive come not to trust what they say .libby said ive got mark to thank for this .what can i say im glad i left london i coulnt of stayed how could i with them towerhamlets councill making my life a living hell .and not only that i just coulnt handle the idear of ptor walking by my winders after 7 long years with his smell of cream cakes i spoke to my friend trissa at the shop in waltham abbey to have a long chat about the situation ,if you ever get the chance to vist waltham abbey its well worth a look with its interesting shops and its market but there are cirtain elements in miss and my chats all i can hope for is that justice is done the neighbours are friendly but no man in my life sadley but on my travels through different towns here may be just maybe .next time its time for me to return to west stafford shire and vist cannock did you know cannock was around in the 13th centery a tribe called the pipes who lived there at that time then i return to the time in the white chapple hospital and after beeing told of my fate that i would die about the two ghosts that came and apperard by my bed on that fate full day coming soon so untill the next time this is uttoxeter calling

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