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this is stafford calling the return to stafford in staffordshire dynnargh welclome falite

October 7, 2016

as you all know i returned to stafford in the dry this time  after laST  WEEK IN THE RAIN AS THE BUS CHUGGED ALONG THE COUNTRY ROADS AS I WENT BYU IN THE VILLAGES IN THE FIELDS THERE WAS LOADS OF COWS And sheep ands in tixley there was an old castle as you know stafford is the county town with lots of town center shops parks and old buldings they have plenty of parks and a mueuim in the main high street plus a shopping center but beware as i was taking some pics i got told off by this sererity gard who said staffords on private land dont take any pics as i told him its for my book he said do you know your on tv i said well in london i was allways on the tv talking of tv as you know in the midlands it used to be ATV but thats when i was born here nows its central tv and theres no crossroads motle on the tv as for stafford its an interesting place next time i talk about whats it like beeing back in the midlands since i left in 1974 so untill then

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