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this is stafford callingthe return to stafford in staffordshire dynnargh welclome falite croesopart two

October 8, 2016

as you know locally that stafford is i hour away on the bus the busses run only every two hours to the county town .there are lots of villages on the way as you pass through them its like stepping back to annother time with the olde country churches waiting for the villagers to open its doors for the sunday get together the villages are bramshall,kings stone stowe by charley.hixon great heywood .kingston hill and tixley where one sees the remains of an olde castle by the side of the road one can only ammagine as the fire raged through the castle of them centerys ago now most of the villages still have the track of yeter year some you go through the forrest .the fields have got lots of olde cows in them mostley freesions the monochrome ones saves having to have a colour licence ah ah theres quite a few sheep in there woolie coats with black faces but sadley no hunky farmersabout as you know stafford has its big castle the near by towns are telford cannock and stoke on trent in the north and rugley with its big chinnmeys


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