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the islington connection as i look back at the london yearsin the last but one story before i leave the city towns behind this is UTTOXETER CALLING

October 12, 2016

as you know as i look back at the northan london market town which as you know won the number one possition in the poll of the top towns .for me the accoiation with the market town of islington started with teds love of the place in the 1980s as he often recalls his time living in cloudley square in one of the posh places there ,but as the years passed it was that loverable man with his crame cakes PAUL T> O> R> of shepperdess walk that back in 2009 would change my life for ever but sadley that was not to last with him but his sent of creame cakes reamained untill i left banglour green back in july i suppose you could say that paul left his signature in the street where i lived at secpit towers and  my meets with randy and we used to copare our torrow readings and the time he told me about mark and how dangerious he was and how about  something from this world and the next  and about two ghosts that would ask for mu help story coming on halloween

now the link has been broken forever but with the place of islington ishall never forget it but of all the towns in london to vist is one of the best places in the city to vist THEE END


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