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coming up cannock in west staffordshire but first the return to the story of south end on sea in the county of essex this is southend calling to uttoxeter dynnargh welclome falite croesofurther from home from 1975 to 2015

October 19, 2016

DSCF1019as you know a couple of years ago now in the january i visted south end on sea as you know essex has many sea side places but south end is the one which in the 1960s 1970s 1980s is where the londers went to spend there holidays as well as them teddy boys and mods and rockers in the 1950s and them hunky leather bikers on there love machines would ride through the town at high speed but for me it was them horney skinhead bovver boys in there bovver boots was the most nipple hardening ones that had the look that fired the ammagination as they say theres nothing like a bit of rough and for me the more a man looks hard the better i like it ,as you know when i returned that day it was the tail end of christmas boy wasnt that wind cold as i nearly got blown over the sea wall but like every where else southend has changed the lights which could out do blaCK POOL HAD GONE AND THE PEIR WAS STILL THERE with its train running up and down and the olde peters pan playground and the boating lake and the victoria shopping center and the royals with there bright sparkerly lights with thee shops with there sale goods on show.lots of famous people lived in south end for instance miss libby who has written so many books now david dale who used to go to the rough pub on the sea frount the forresters

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