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the return to stafford via the villages this is uttoxeter calling as the seasons change with the chill of autumthe fall in the air dynnargh welclome falite croeso

October 21, 2016

on my last vist to stafford via hednesford as i walked through the victoria park as nature once again shows it colours of red orange yellow and green as the chill of autum bites my nose but who ever knows what the winter has in store after the fall as the people mill about you here the man shout where you going my duck to his wife as she hurrys by so what did catch her eye as he took on a spurt to catch her up as the olde toilets beckon as the staues in the park glint in the sun as its shadows pass by as the wind blows through the trees as the leaves fall to the ground as the olde gardener tends the ground as the birds stand there with out a sound waiting pationally to see is there a tasty morcell to be had as he tends the soil as the worms riggle there heads as before long they will be dead as the birds moove in for the kill as the robin with his red breast on show pluffs up his winter coat as he gobbels up his tea as the trees sway in the breeze as i go on my way back into the town as i look up to see the christmas decorations up on the lamp posts for all to see as thoughts turn to christmas time before long the tills will be ringing again with coins a gingerling its a autum time at stafford as the shoppers go by with there bags of shopping with there brightly coloured bags full to the brim as soon its time to wait for the bus and watch the world just go by untill a hunky man walks by with his goods on show as he stands there doing his pose who ever knows is he on his own as he stands there like a grisserly big bear with his manley stare but oh yes over there i see his wife with his kids greet there man as then they walk to his blue van and then they was gone as this other guy whissles his song and before long the olde bus comes along and thats time to return once again to uttoxe

ter once again

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