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as halloween fast approches once again with the shops full of halloween pumpkins and sweets and witches and ghosts the festival orringanly from ireland to cellibrate the end of the year as once upon a time the year only had 10 monthes untill the romans came julie and her gang the pagion festerval was one of the mile stones of the julian callendar dynnargh welclome falite croeso

October 22, 2016

as we all know the festival of halloween was started in Ireland many  moons ago the festival has allways been a time of life and death the sprits come to life to walk with the living on all hallows eve but it is in the U S A  WHERE THE FESTIVAL TOOK OFF .WITH HOUSES DECORATED WITH HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS AND CHILDREN TRICK OR TREATING GOING DOOR TO DOOR .as one would know i too celibrate the festival.even in england the halloween tradition has taken off to most clergy they are looking in horror as the fetivals origines .but one thing that still seems to be missing from the shelfs is the halloween card the laST ones appeared in braintree back in 1985 i reamember one verve i read in one it said want to here the kiddys scream send them out on halloween .but halloween has that magical air about it .with my friends the witches going to there partys mind you the poor old witches charictor is a bit unfair and the witches i know dont wear pointed hats and have walts on there faces and noses thay are just ordinary people going about there daily bussnes or earing a living  then of course theres the games when i last had a party that was back in the braintree years in 1991 and the laST ONE WAS IN 1992 WE DID THE APPLE DUNKING BUT MY PUSSY HAD OTHER IDEARS AND JUMPED IN THE PLASTIC PADDERLING POOL IN THE LIVING ROOM AND MY PUSSY JUST BLEW UP ALL STIFF I TELL YOU IT TOOK AGES AND AGES TO GIVE MY PUSSY A BLOW DRY .MUCH TO EVERY ONES AMMUSEMENT AS THEY SMOKED THERE CIGS AND DRANK THE PUNCH AND TOFFEE APPELLS AND THE HOME MADE triffel ,wich had so much spirts in it it made a few o0f my guests rather sqiffy good job they all lived mainly local as for the others it was the train thee next day .but its a night to be enjoyed as the olde saying goes if your pussy starts to purr on halloween night theres a ghost in the room .and mine allways did unless some sexy guy didnt get his marlers hands on it first that was the hing in them days men just coulnt keep there hands off my pussy so what ever your doing on all hallows eve  enjoy your selfs and reamember spirts can come at any time as they say you have a message from in there way as the candle flickers its flame it means a message by letter will come your way .if it spitts thats another sign but allways reamember the hottest part of the flame is the blue part at the bottom the yellow is the coolset part and each clour denotes its own meaning so soon it will be time to once again put up my decorations on OCTOBER £!ST HERES SOME DECORATIONS FROM SECPIT TOWERS PAST “2012  FROM 1986 box 8 BOX * as it will the first ones here but the difference i wont be on the pics sadley next time next week it will be this is stoke on trent calling the return,

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