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so lets look back to the mostghostly events of my lifewith a week to go to all hallows eve on the 31st of October 2016 dynnargh welcolm falite croeso

October 24, 2016

as you know there have been many ghostly apperaitions in my life .so lets look back at some of them .I reamember when I did the last interview for spittle fields life back in july before I left .the great gentall author reamarked as we passed through tower hill station  are you going to say to guy fawkes at the tower .well that would be a bit hard to do that since hes been a part of my life for years now since I learned of his first appearance back in 1986 on the night of april 20th at the side of the lamp  in fact he has couced me less heart ake than the men I knew all put together that’s living men for ye ye cant live with them but at the same token ye cant live with out them.but what of the others from the Braintree years well the famous ghosts of Braintree high street ib fact apparenty there have been ghost hunters went to the place to find them as well as the other places in Essex which is one of the most hauted countys in England. but I suppose the most saddest one was the olde scrap dealer that only appeared once a year in the September as he would appear out side the winder bvut never aged with his horse and cart and even the lady that lived down stares before she died pergreessed to seeing the said ghost .but then there was the one from lexston near Colchester that would give the desperate traveller a lift from lexston to coggeshall or the man with the pots and pans that haunts the b10 witham to Braintree by the first sharp bend wich has claimed many a traveliler when the road if you travel to fast in the drink the pond you go as you all well know the area was controlled and owned in the 12th centery by the nights Templar and still today the temple barns still stand on the road perhaps this can explain the sightings from another times , and not forgetting the famous red lamp with that disstintive red baulb as I often wonder where this like port key comes from but yet in many a book about lamps from history the lamp is not there how strange ,and dick turpin that even today haughts the epping forest from when he came to his untimely end in 1739 and also there have been apperances of highway men by the hamstead forest by the sailer boat inn then of course the sightings in Hampton court reamember the pics and not forgetting the loverable one of them all gudio guy fawkes from the tower of London as you know the tower has many ghosts from its history but yet it was only guy fawkes that show him self to me .with the ryme of thou doth not say that one day ye will be thine next time its visting stoke on trent so until the next time

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