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reamember reamember THE 5TH OF NOVEMBER 1605 BUT FIRST LETS RETURN TO 1570 APRIL 13TH WHEN GUY FAWKES WAS BORNIN YORK YORKSHIRE ENGLAND starring gudio fawkes Robert gatesby Robert winter christoper wright john wright ,Thomas percy,bates ,

November 2, 2016

as we all know the gun powder plot of 1605 in this story im going to look into guy fawkes life and after all tis be said that im the only one in over 4 centerys that has seen him so lets return to 1570 on the day guy fawkes was born on april 13th of that year as you know the 1570s was a time of high fashion after many years of one war after another from fighting with the Spanish and the French and even the dutch found there selfs at the sword of englands temper ,guy fawkes was born in the ashadow of York minster in yourkshire he was born to EDWARD AND EDITH FAWKES  HIS FATHER EDWARD WAS A PROSIDENT AND HIS MOTHER WAS A CATHOLIC GUY FAWKES WENT TO THE SCHOOL OF SAIT PETERS AFTER BEEING BABTISED IN THE ANGLIAN CHURCH OF SAINT MICHEAL OF BELFREE AT SCHOOL GUY FAWKES MET UP WITH JOHN OR HE WAS KNOWN AS JACK AND HIS BROTHER CHRISTOPER WRIGHT IT WAS TO SEEAL GUIY FAWKES FATE THAT IN YEARS TO COME HIS SCHOOL MATES HE WOULD ONCE CROSS THERE PATHS Again in 1603. as for guy he did his lessions and studded hard unfortually guy fawkes dad died when he was only 8 years olde  a few months went by and his mother found new love with another man a cathlolic  guy fawkes soon became aware that he too wanted to become a catholic and changed over   whilst he was at school he became head boy .and was increadably bright puple after his father died in 1578 0r 1579 ,guy fawkes left school in the year 1590 he left England to fight the war against the dutch and went on the spainish side he changed his name from guy to gudio fawkes he soon rose through the racks of the armey and soon for guy he learnt how to use gun powder to attive his end so for over 10 years guy was out of England and the truble that was brewing here the most dangerious man in England at the time was roberty cecil he was queen eleizabeths council he was a nasty little man who got spies to do his dirty work at would stop at nothing to get what he wanted he was a big bully and ruthless in what he wanted to attive .and tis be said that he helped orgrisstrated the coming of little jimmy known as james the first of Scotland gain the throne of England after the olde queen eleazabeth the first crocked in 1603 the catholics had a bad press in England and even thou at the time the queen didn’t mind them but when james the first was asked to run England he like all men all full of promises about the helping of the catholics and not even a pic of lockland nessy did he bring with him when he came to power in 1603 he turned on the poor catholics and made there lifes hell he put new levey like taxation on them if thay didn’t turn up for worship it was said that Robert Gatsby had confessed in private of his forth coming actions to members of the clergy in 1602 gastby was a well know figger at the time and himself like the others ecept guy fawkes was the landed gentery at the time it was only guy fawkes gudio that was from humble begginigs andit was only due to hard work and determination that git him through the ranks tis be said at the time his mates said that gudio was a kind heavery relidgious man highly intelligent determined an aires could be firery  but even thou theres no painting or any pics in circulation only mine when I first encounterd him hes a tall man about 6ft 3 with reddish hair bussy machosh very blue eyes they stare through you and broad shoulders and big strong hands and strong arms and long legs and feet .but the most stricking thing about him was his smile .END OF PART ONE NEXT TIME IT WILL THE EVENTS LEADING UP TO THE GUN POWDER PLOT OF 1605 AND HERES SOME PICS OF THE FASHION OF THE TIME BACK IN 1570

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