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its part four on the anniversary of the guy fawkes story of 1605 reamember reamember the 5th of November gun powder treason and plotdynnargh welclome falite croeso

November 5, 2016

in 1604 guy fawkes went to live with Thomas percy near the houses of parliament as his manservant .he also attended a function where james the first would also attend.guy fawkes was only inches away from james he had his change to deal with the situation but choose not to .Thomas percy knew the earl of Northumberland who him self met james the first before he came to the thoun of England ,on the 26th October 1605the monteagle letter was given to lord monteeagles manservant in the fog of the cold London night .when he got home he gave the said letter to his master .on opening it he went straight to the little drawf and showed it to him ,then he went to vist gatesby and informed him of it gatesby looked concerned and went to tell the others of it on November 3rd 1605 guy fawkes had got all the things ready whilst gatesby and tom winter went through the dark fog ridden streets of jackobeeeain London , the plan was guy fawkes once the fuse had been lit would make it off on his toes to the river thames to make for fflanders in the meantime the very next day the 4th of November 1605 tom winter and his mates went shopping for arms and went to the west midlands to ask the catholics for there help at first thay didn’t want too but olde tom said come you guys and thay said okay were inn .how ever when james heard of this he blew his top and through all his toys out the pram on November 1st the little drawf said look james olde bean let me handle the situation put your trust in thee .the thing was king james was obsesst with the thought that some one was going to do him in there had already been two attempts on his life .as guy waited in the celler sir Thomas kvevelt on the little drawfs orders was told to go and look in the cellers he went with a group on yeo men in the cold dark celler with just the light of his trusty lamp they found a cold hungry guy fawkes thay said what is your purpose here  and when all he would give was his name an assuduim called john Johnson he was arrested and taken away for questioning if you think about it lodically the gun powder wouldn’t of gone off as in the cold damp celler it would be useless .as the other s found out when in Staffordshire at there last place of hideing thay tried to dry the gun powder by the fire and a couple of them lost there sight it seems all was finally lost and the plan was failed on the 6th of November 1605 sir Richard whom was the high sheriff known as sherry to his mate s raised a pussy and with his new shinny tin badge on his coat rode to where gatesby and the others was waiting but they stormed the building after a fire broke out and killed the lot gatesby was found clutting a pic of the vergin mary as for Thomas winter he and his brother was arrested and imprisoned in the tower of London guy fawjkes was in the white tower in little ease it seems that he wasn’t the only one who went there in 1302 the same fate was bestoyed on another prisioner who in the December 1st of that year was hung and oput to death.guy fawkes was further interagated but would say nothing only that he wanted to blow king james fat arse over the hills to Scotland .and evenchally signed his confession but allways reaming loyal to his mates ,Thomas winter admitted to the plot in 1605 and him self bates and guy fawkes was there until January 31st 1606  after the trail in London when thay was hung and gorrted .the story goes but guy fawkes being the proud man that he was escaped but on the day of the exaction fell off the towers high wall but was captured and with the others put to death as they went up on the the scaffold tis be said that there souls would never rest until one day some one will come for them . after thay was hung and quatered  mans humility to man in them days .there bodys was cut up and paraded through the streets of Westminster .as a act to say to any one else this is what you get if you try the same what of the others souls well they proberly are at rest but its only guy fawkes spirit that still hhaunts the tower next time its aBOIUT GUY FAWKES IN THE 21ST CENTRY HAVE A GREAT BONFIRE NIGHT SO REAMEMBER REAMEMBER THE 5TH OF NOVEMBER GUN POWDER TREASON AND PLOT MAY GUY FAWKES AND THE DAY NEVER BE FORGOT

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