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Coming up the pink finger of olde Brownhills town have you been the pink finger or two shows himself in his many disguises he’s fishy or is he chocolaty or icey or is he malted.will threfinger becon or wag at you

November 10, 2016

he’s known as thee olde pink finger of olde brown hills town.but first of all just to say don’t forget its reamemberance sunday tomorrow  to buy your  poppy and wear it with pride as we reamember them brave people who gave there lives in the past world wars of the last centery and the ones of this one so on the 11th day of thee 11th hour they will allways be reamemberd for ever and a day .so lets go back to thee story of the emergence of the pink finger of olde brown hills town for ones self I once met the olde pink finger ny on three years past an interesting charictor but as thay say up here I anit fussed .so as we know the sign of the pink finger or in some cases is a sign of contempt to avay contempt in England and he can appear any where at any time in any place the pink finger comes in various decises there have been sightings of the hairy pink finger or even the green finger or a shady yellow stained finger first sightings in the 14th centery as thee olde pink fingers of olde brown hills town show there selfs once again so as agents dealer and Chelsea of mi 69 69 catch the stage coach from London Euston to the west midlands town of brown hills its a place that nessels between Cannock in the north of the Staffordshire reigen of western England and the city of Birmingham so lets go to the boss of m I 69 69 for the first blow by blow by account of the sightings of the Brownhills pink fingers .I say olde been as Chelsea and dealer board the stage coach to Birmingham as they are in 17th centery Britain  as he says I say Chelsea olde been isn’t one out of your comfort zone being from Chelsea /what does one meen olde been I say jolly bad show well I see it like this Chelsea you are upper class aren’t you with the posh boots you certainly are a slippon of a thing in the western part of London ,well dealer olde been what about you you step out in any situation being middle class and after all your known as the olde boot aren’t thee ? as the stage coach midland classic gallops of out of the station .they turn back a just through the smog they see the dim lights of city life as dealer says do you think olde chummy will we ever return ? as the miles pass the air is foggy as dealer turns to Chelsea I say old been theses country roads don’t half play me up and them humped back bridges I feel like a ping pong ball being tossed about like this ,as the driver says come on my beautys as they hear the sound of the leather whip cracking against the hources backs as the hourses gallop down the road as chelses says out load one does not mean to nag coach man but when are we going to have a pit stoppe one could do with watering the horse as thee olde coach man says thanks for your kind offer but the horces for cources have there own water and thay aint fussed about any one elses especially from southern England why do you ask said the coach man well its like this its these hump back road and my jacksea has got pins and needles in it as the olde coatchman  said im paul haven’t you heard of the Birmingham derry air whats that dealer and Chelsea say well in the south you have the London derry air in the midlands we have the persidious Birmingham derryair as they arrive at a crossroads as the agents dealer and Chelsea put there heads out the winders I say paul olde bean why are we at crossroads that’s all for today gents time to rest the unions wont let us work more than 2 hours traveling time and not only that rules are every two hours its tea up oh what a spiffing idear tea and yummy yummy scummy cakes I say that’s simply cricket so coach man where to we rest our heads look over there theres a inn oh yes come along dealer lets book a room as paul the coach man says we leave at dawn as dealer says whos dawn a filly or some thing no its the time when yopu hear the olde cock crows you know tis be time we set off in to the blue wide younder .as the dealer and Chelsea cross thee road oh look Chelsea as thay look at the olde inn with its olde thatched roof and pink roses growning up the side of the bulding and the smell of honey suckle as it wofts in the mid day air of late summer .as thay look at the sign above the door I say Chelsea its called crossroads as dealer says it cant be that was on tv atv years ago oh yes said Chelsea I reamember in the 1960s I think I expect it a coinceidentce  END OF PART ONE

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