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its parte four of thee pinkfinger of olde Brownhills town as he shows many fassets to his charictor so have you been fingerd dynnargh welclome falite croeso

November 18, 2016

as thee olde pink finger once again comes to the little hamlet of upper left cheek in the parish is many cheeks like upper right cheek lower left cheek and lower right cheek and not forgetting the biggest of them all flameing cheek as we ruturn to where dealer and che

so lets return to the crossroads inn in 1720 but first I must see paul as the Birmingham street runners runn into town as they park there stage coach in the yard as the county serriff known as sherry sees miss libby and bill as they cought the 5pm stage to the wilds of London .in the olde garden mitsey after her odeal with the sighting of the pink finger nail is annoying the wild strawberrys after all she is on there patch as they look very annoyed as paul the olde inn keeper comes out and shouts to her why you stupid girl ye knows how furious they be getting .as from the woods the load growls of like a grizzerly bear rings in thee air as he goes in side and as dealer and Chelsea settle down to there food and cider he goes up to them and says I thee recon that Boudicca is trying to catch that hednesford daddie bear as she is going to bring him for tonights entertain ment along with the hairy bellys from rain tree as the curtain goes up on the stage its paul number three from Islington thee annoces the acts for the evenings show as the punters settle down in the lights of the candle light as through the winders old gary the candle lamp lighter lifts the glass shades of the olde street lights in left upper cheek and puts his flaming torch other lamp as the shads are lowerd the candles give off there hauting like glow as paul says all the way from raintree for your entertainments we have for your delight and preasants ladies and gentall men with much debate your attention please for the one and only Boudicca and her brummy hednesford honey bear as there she is with lo9ng whip long leather boots and three legged chair the bear broke the last one next time in parte five its the full house show

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