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the return of the pinkfinger of olde brownhills towne parte six dynnargh welclome falite croeso

November 23, 2016

as nelson waits for his new out fit to come from thee olde rector randy the man of the cloth as officer furkin tells him about nelsons plight after being stripped by big dick turpin along the upper cheek road and to add to nelsons fury the dragons haven’t turned up to try to sort out the pink finger as he also did the un speakable and never said a word as he showed his chocolate finger as he then under there noses showed it .so lets return to the crossroads inn  in upper left cheek as nel;son lays face down on his bed as doctor coffin comes in with his assistant 24 carrot now then nelson bottoms up as he rubs some I o dean in his right buttock as he gets the nail this will only give you a little prick and im sure nelson comeing from I hear mid winter you must of seen many of them as all of a sudden nelson screams out with pain there you go as doctor coffin shows him the splinter as he slapps his ass and says heres a dock leaf to put on it and heres some cream its called dock ponds used twice a day for three days as he wacks his ass again nows whos a cheeky boy as nelson stands up wow you don’t get many of them to the pound dr coffin said oh put a lid on it says nelson .as he pulls up his union jack britches I say nelson you are a teaze you little mink and whats this on the back oh I see brexit your backing Britain and I love the pic whos these man called little cammy but there again nelson I thought ye was welsh  ill be over with the bill; later on bye for now bretix man .as thee door opens its the show on stage and its the hairy belly girls from raintree .as they go to the main stage area as paul in top hat and clock says please be seated for you dliveration cellabration the time to annoce the hairy belly girls with backing group the clippons Sodom and glutteny and debrtary put ye hands together as they show there hairy belly as the clippons sing there tune its a Saturday night I got me stellotoes on all right as ye go through the place we got two new walts on our face as we drink lots of ale as we look in the ye looking glass we look rather bleeding pale oh look theres that slag gale trappy bitch from silvery end but that bitc h aint our friend as we square up for a fight we got our tonges out yea matty allright we from raintree we the stello birds yea yea yea .as the dance come toa close tha\nk you says paul now laDIES AND GENTALL MEN PUT YE HANDS TO GETHER FOR THE HARD BACK AND PAPER BACK WRITERS OF OLDE LONDON TOWN AS THAY SHOW US THE SIGHTS OF OLDE EATERN LONDON DIM THE LAMPS AND LIGHT THE LANTERN LIGHT AS THE LANTERN WARMS UP AS THE TWO MEN START TALKING WE ARE PAPER BACK AND HARD BACK WRITTER WOULD YE LIKE O READ OUR BOOKS THERE FOR SALE AT THE END OF OUR LANTERN SHOW YE NEVER KNOW YE MIGHT WANT TO BUY .THERE ONLY I GINNEY AS THE PIC STARTS COMING THROUGH OH YES SAYS PAPER BACK WRITER THIS IS YE OLD EASTE END WHERE  I LIVE AND THUS BEEING BETHNALL GREEN AS YE CAN SEE THE HOUSES ARE MADE OUT OF WOOD BUT YE TOWN HALL IS MADE OUT OF SOLID WHITE MARBELL THE ROOF IS MADE OUT OF SOLID GOLD THIS IS THE NICKALAS NICKABY ESTATE AS YE CAN SEE YE DWELLINGS ARE OF TWO STORYS THE FOLK LIVE ON YE TOP AND THE ANNOMALS LIVE ON THE BOTTOM FLOOR AS YE CAN SEE AS YE HAVE TO BE CAREFULL IN JACKOBEEN LONDON OR YE WITH GET THE FOOD SLOBBS CHUCHED AT YE AS THE STREETS RUNN WITH THE SWERAGE AND IT ALL GOES INTO THEE OLDE RIVER THAMES UP STREAM IT GOES AND THUS IS THEE OLD TOWER OF LONDON AS YE KNOWS 100 36 YEARS AGO GUY FAWKES AND HIS MATES WAS HUNG THERE AND IN OUR FINALL DELIBERATION THIS IS THE OLDE BISHOPS GATE BULDING ITS RUNN BY OUR GREAT MATE STEFFON THE SQIRE OF THEE PLACE THANK YOU ALL FOR LETTING ME AND MY BROTHER SHOW YE OUR SIGHTS THANK YOU SAYS PAUL WHAT WONDERFULL STORYS YE HAVE TOLS US SO PUT YE HANDS TOGETHER .AND NOWS ITS TIME FOR THE MAIN EVENT OF THE SHOW AS HES HANDED A MESSAGE OH LAMP LIGHTER FERLONG YE WANTED UP AT THE BIGG HOUSE SQIRE HARRY YARD WANTS YE TP LIGHT THE LAMPS SO YE CAN LIGHT UP YE LIFES FOR THE BALL LATER THEE OLDE CANBNOCK CHAISE POLKER SO PUT YE HANDS TO GETHER FOR BOUDICCA AND THE HEDNESFORD GRIZZERY BEAR AS SHE TAMES HIM GRR GRR AS THEY GET ON STAGE AS THE BEAR STARTS GROWERLING GR GRR AS BOPUDICA GETS THE THREE LEGGED CHAIR IT HAD FOUR LEGGS BUT THE BEAR SNAPPED ONE OFFT NOW BEAR YE WILL GIVE ME YE MANMADE HONEY OR ITS NO MONEY AS THE BEAR SAYS I WANT ME MONEY I HABE A LIVE A SON AND A NAN TO PAY THE THIRTY PIECES OF SILVER TWO AS BOUDICCA CRACKS THE 7FOOT WHIP GRR GRR IM A BIRMINGHAM CITY SUPPORTER YE WILL GIVE IN YE VARMINT AS THE BEAR STARTS TO CALM DOWN I WILL HE SAYS I WILL YE THE BOSS AS THE CURTAIN COMES DOWN ON THE SHOW AS THE PEOPLE CLAP AND WHISTLE THEY ALL COME BACK ON STAHGE AND TAKE A FINALL BOW /

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