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its parte 12 of thee olde pink finger of olde Brownhills towne as dealer and Chelsea go from the 16th centery to the 21st centery dynnargh welclome falite croeso

November 29, 2016

as the stage draws into thee station from upper left cheek on a cold frosty morning as thee olde coach man says its the end of the line all change as dealerand Chelsea get out amnd wonder where they are as thee old gas light shines its yellow glow along the tracks in the distance thay can see the tumble weed blowing up the track as dealer says where thee hell are wee it seems in the wild west as Chelsea says I dunno about thee wild west  im wild a few minutes go by as they here the sound of a train coming in the distance as it coughs and sputters as it evenchally arrives at thee station and grinds to a hault as the old station driver gets out of his cab with red face and rosy cheeks as he lights up a cig and says good morning gentall men ive been expecting you wheres are wee well gents your in the back of beyond between hednesford via Cannock and in the west Stafford I see jump abord gents thee train will be leaving in 1 hour it gives us time to load up with deasil ill just get the olde Gerry can as he goes down the length of the one carrage and opens the side door and lifts out the big red can with it in hand and thee ciggy in the other as dealer and Chelsea look at each other and say bloody hell surely hes not going too fill the train up with that ciggy on and sure enough he opened the can with ciggy in his mouth after he filled thee train dealer said to the engine driver I say olde been thatr was risky as thee driver said im not fussed do it all the time climb aboard thee train gents were about to leave as he started thee train its sputterd like it had too many ciggys and after a few coughs it evenchally started as Chelsea said im suppried he hasn’t got a starting handle as thee ticket inpector comes along to check there tickets asa dealer and Chelsea hand THEM OVER TO HIM AS HE THEN SAYS I SEE MI 69 69 I SEE YOUR GOING TO THE TOWN OF CANNOCK ONE WAY HERES YOUR TICKETS BACK ENJOUY YOUR TRIP AS THEE TRAIN CHUGGS ALONG THEE TRACK AS IT PULLS INTO HEDNESFORD AS THEE TRAIN ALLOWS THE PASSENGERS TO CLIMB ABORD AS THE TRAIN IS READY TO SET OFF AS THEE SIGNALL MAN WAVES OUT OF HIS BOX AS THEE OLDE FAT CONTROLLER SHOUTS OUT READY YOUR READY TO DEPART AS THE TRAIN SPUTTERS ALONG THEE TRACK THEY ARRIVE AT CANNOCK AS THE STATRION STAFF SAY THIS IS CANNOCK CANNOCK THIS BE ALL READY AS DEALER AND CHELSEA GET OFF THE TRAIN AS MR PLATFORM IS WAITING FOR THEM AS THEY SHAKE HANDS SO GENTALL MEN GREAT TO SEE THY LETS GO TO THE OFFICE FOR YOUR BREAFFING AND I HOPE YOU HAVE DONE YOUR REPORTS AND DOSSIARS YES SIR A CAR IS WAITING AS THEY GET INN TO IT SO GENTALL MEN DID YOU HAVE A GOO9D TRIP AND IM WAITING WITH BATED BREATH ON YOUR FINDINGS AS SOON AS CAN BE THERE OUT SIDE THE OFFICE .COFFEE GENTS AND SOME FOOD YES SIR YOU HAVE 34MINS BEFORE OUR BREAFING IN THE BLUE ROOM ITS ON THEE 4TH FLOOR ILL SEE YOU THEN AND DONT BE LATE ,YES SIR THANK YOU SIR AS DEALER AND CHELSEA WITH PLATES FULL OF THE DELICASYS OF CANNOCK LOCAL FARE TUCK IN AS DEALER SAYS TO CHELSEA IM Famished yes me too as they soon demolish the very welclome food suppose we better get too thee meeting Chelsea olde been as they enter the elevator as it goes up through the floors as they wiz by then pink as the doors open as they step out into this wide corredoor in shades of blue with lots of [portrates on thee walls as the door at thee far end opens gentall men do come in stand to attention on thee double dealer head up what have I told you before reamember our motto head up allways ready for action yes sir sorry sir said dealer as mr platform says be seated so gentall men how did you get on with the task I set you in your night at thee crossroads inn back in thee 16th centry as dealer explained there findings as with Chelsea reporting his so gentall men it seems this for the want of a name thee pink finger of brown hills haS BEEN AROUND FOR MANY A CENTRY OR TWO SO GENTALL MEN WHAT CAN WE DO TO CATCH THIS PINK FINGER WELL SIR WE FOUND THAT THIS DISSFUTIONALL FAMILY CALLED THE NEWTS MAy be hind this sightings sir .see my report on my findings sir ,and what everdence have you got to base this allogations on Chelsea well sir its like this see the report as mr platform turns to dealer what your take on this well sir I think he just is a lonener I see well at 14oo hours your going on a under cover assiment to this area I want you to go to burntwood Brownhills and hednesford this is his calling card you have been fingerd and whats this saying here you have been fussed what does it meen it seems even today this urcursed pink finger is still showing him self and it seems that there have even been sightings in a place called Essex in a village called fingering holei want this finger cought now get on with it it seems thart in thee past he has slipped through many of a finger or two gentall men you may leave report here at 019 hrs thank you gentall men before I forgert your daily expences money I want reaseats all moneys must be accounted for and your reasats from yesterday on my desk tommrow morning thank you sir as dealer and Chelsea leave the office and go on there wayfor the day

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