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parte 13 in the final episode of thee pink finger of olde Brownhills towne as dealer and Chelsea try to catch the fingers or two have you been fingered dynnargh croeso welclome falite

November 30, 2016

I say dealer lets get this train to hednesford as the honey bear is growerling again as there have been numerous reports of him waking every one up in the towne ,so wheres Boudicca oh as they get of the train theres she is as dealer goes up to ones self I say olde girl are you going to tame him yes as one can see ive got two whips this time and the three legged stool as Chelsea says good luck olde been as I say he will need it .in the distance going towards pye green they see the pink finger quick says dealer theres a bus lets get on it look hes going towards Cannock as the bus gets to Cannock thee finger disappears oh no what we do all of a sudden mr platform calls them get in a taxi to brown hills thee pink finger has been sighted there as Chelsea says that’s inpossible sir weve just seen him here and the newt family blaggord chummy harlet and harlett newt shall we bring them inn for questioning sir as mr platform explains you cant bring them in they have pertection of a law and not only that the local newt pond is only for newts with class and to thee pond you have to show special id ie thee nipple as Chelsea says well that does really get on your tits sir ,look dealer theres a taxi lets get in it as they get in thay say to the driver to Brownhills with all speed my good chap as thee taxi speeds oft down the road they soon arrive in Brownhills by this time its getting dark as thee olde fog comes down like a pea souper soon the streets as the shops close all you can here is the sounds of thee traffic in Birmingham city in the farr distance .as dealer and Chelsea scour thee streets as they look here and there and every where but they coulnt see head nor hair of t

he olde pink finger all of a sudden a car draws up as thee door opens and mr platform tells them to get in gentall men theres been sightings in burtwood and wednesbury we will vist there the night draw on but in both places thee pink finger cannot be found as mr platform says its time gentall men for a breaffing at the office in Cannock they soon arrive as mr platform says well gentall men be seated it looks like this charictor called thee pink finger has out foxed us and for centrys he has managed to escape many people it seems hes a fact of life and there for thee pink finger is a sign of comtempt in our country for many centerys and theres nothing we can do or any one for thee want of thee hourse the rider was lost for thee want of the nail was lost for thhe want of the message the battle was lost for the want of the battle was lost all for thee want of thee hourse gentall men I looked at your reports very inspireing and now gentall men case closed heres your wages with a bit extra good bye a taxis waiting to return you to London be in touch soon good bye      thee pink finger of olde brown hills towne based on a oridinall idear by ones self starring thee pink finger            also starring thee hednesford bear grr                   make up by Boudicca thee Cannock polka devised by my self choriograghy by my self thee uttoxeter tutt by the people that live there music and dance devisesd by ones self the 1720 stroys by one self thanks for reading  next time its Christmas in uttoxeter and the ending storys so until then

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