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Christmas in Staffordshire this is Uttoxeter calling 2016 dynnargh welcome croeso falite

December 2, 2016

well another Christmas is fast approaching as the shops tills ringing there tunes and the christmas shoppers shoppers rush around the town with buying of there presants and the trees and the trimmings as the kids count down thee days till santa arrives to come down the chimmey stack with his sleaigh all full of goodys  waiting for there owners but have we forgotten the true meaning of Christmas and its oragines about the story of jeasus in his manger of straw at first theres was no room in the inn as you know Christmas was really in January 6th but as the years and calendar changed it was moved to December as for boxing day it was for the toffs who had butlers in the big stately homes it was king albert in Victorian times that intrudused us to the Christmas tree and in Victorian times the idear of Christmas took off from its early begginings but theres allways been a festival even in paigon times how the world has changed but have we forgotton its the thought that counts in our modern age as we reamember our familys and friends near and far and some sadly we will never see again ,excuse the spelling some ones eating .its the one time a year that we should spare a thought for people that whom have nothing and us that spend our times on our own but not buy choice .so as we once again decorate our houses to ward off the spirts at Christmas it should never be forgotton the true meaning of it piece and will towards all men .I hope you have a happy Christmas and may your wishes come true for me I was hoping to spend it with mark d rought but the little bastards gone and disappeared what a total pig men so as you get ready to stuff the turkie as the geeeze are getting fat the ducks are a quaking and that’s a fact and the farmers that work through out thee year to grow and nercher  the things so thay grow nice and big ,it time to wish you all a happy Christmas once again next time shouls I stay or just say call it a day here and why my life is still dogged by the unreasonableness with tower hamlets the working tax creaits mark rought and his piggish ways ect lifes a bitch so until the next time as the blog final comes to its demise every thing has its day sadly if any body would of told me how this year had of turned out when I put my calendar up on the wall I would never of belived it but there you go as I once said to ptor in the white chair shop in sclater street 7 years ago allways keep thee spirt of Christmas in your heart paul and never forget also a happy Christmas to all my friends on face book and one very important one you know whom you are don’t yea

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