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this is uttoxeter calling thee ending storys part one of fouras I look back at thee events of my time here and whats the best place in Staffordshire dynnargh welclome falite ,

December 5, 2016

well what can I say if id of known what was going to happen this year I would not of belived it I think on hindsight I think I would of done what I should of thinking of doing in the first place when at secpit towersi should of just packed a bag and disappeared where no one or any think would of found me as it seemed at the time as I sat by candle light over Christmas festival at my wits end but theres you go as you know it all started with that bloody tower hamlets council in there bullying and trying to turf me out on thee streets as you know my dear friends with the gentall authors help manage to raise funds but after that with the missing paperwork ie statements from the wanking tax people I should of known there and then as it was pointed out to me in the street the council are total bastards thay hate your kind and the poofs will be driven out of the borough to some extent that’s true on leaving tower hamlets the bars pubs for the gays had gone and if you think about it if it had been done to any one else there would of been riots ,so then of course there was the break in  who did it I hope who ever thay are that they burn in hell .but what happened since well as you know I left at the end of july and the gental author put the closing story on his site ,but im sad to say nothing changed the same old problems but just a different area .the council got there way and now the bastards sent me a bill to say oh you owe us money as the dwp said you left in late august well they got the letter back in july I was promist that since I left the dwelling I would get help as I gave up the property but like allways when you deal with pond life they never tell the truth in fact if thay told me the sky was blue id have to check and see if it was true .it seems thou even thou I left London the same idiots still take the piss and in sult my intelligence in the bargine a few weeks ago I spoke to my friends at the shop in Waltham abbey it seems that they were concerned about lack of corroperation  and help even one person tried to help but im sad to say it fell right on its ass so what about here well on Friday this council are taking me to court over the poll tax here you get one bill which I didn’t get until you get a reminder which I payed what they asked I asked around the neighboars I was in formed they will send you the correspondence you need we get ours every month so I thought well okay then I got another reminder in the mean time I wrote to the council and asked for a payment card but no response so I thought ill try to see if I can use the bill twice oft I went to the paypoint oh no he said we cant do it again youll have to wait for the next bill so when the next one came again I payed it and then here in the library on the Monday after I got the summons to go to Cannock county court I spoke to the lady here oh no she saiud we cant cancel it as I pointed out well I was under the impression that I got a bill each month she said oh you could of payed it here but it mensions no reference to that on the bill .so what about every thing else well as I knew when I came here that I would not make any friends of the male type ,as for mark well what can I say the trouble here is you get speaking to people in the shops then the shops go one old man in our block says they will not speak to him even thou thay do me but mainly I get this lot tutting oh shocking as they look down there long noses different generation ,mostly the people here are rich four car owners its a place where you come to retire to after you made your millions ,I must admit I feel very uncomfortable here so lets look at the other towns well Stafford it got on my tits with all the sniggering and comments like what ye come as so what of Cannock well people was friendly in hednesford I could be my self in what I went about my bussness in my short skirts and high heels I suppose you cant please every one all of the time ,but I miss the people comuing up to me and having a chat and I miss pauls ptors manley cream cakes sent .perhaps I shouldn’t of belived mark the thing with him is that he doesn’t understand that a realationship is not based on the fone I ve been speaking to blokes yp here they mostly have kids from preavious realitionships but yet have time for there new partners but they did say all partners cost a lot of money but as I pointed out at least you see yours where I haven’t mine in fact on his last vist to secpit towers he said I fingerd his bum and reported me to his boss and blatenly lied about it as I told him if that would of been the case I would of slapped it over my knee .what can one do ? next time the scandle with working tax creadits and cdc so until then

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