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its parte two of the final ending storys and the miss information lies and deiseat that I have had to put up with from the bally lot of them tower hamlets the main culprit of them all shame on you they seem to think I came on thee last rain shower dynnargh welclome falite croeso

December 6, 2016

it seems that this drama will never end if it hasn’t been one thing its been another it all started nyon 4 years past in 2012 after years of being on the unemployment and having to endure the way I was dissrpected and make to feel like a piece of worthless shit by these training people it evenchally blew up in to a furious row when this pond life of a bloke insulted me in the training room as you know the government make it there bussnes to forse the long term unemployes off the regester called seasonally adjusted figgers the aim is to put you into these training sceames so that as they have targets to with held after thousands of waisted job inter wiews that turned out to be the same old excuse oh your too over qualified or your too old or your haven’t got the right looks as I pointed out what do you think this interview is a dateing ajencey its wheather I can do the job not how I dress or what I am how dare you in the Braintree years it blew up to such an extent the local press got in volved and because the then job center would not stand up for me about this shop job I went for when I was told your not from here no way can we take you and the other when thay said we have only one toilet or no  disabled or your too old or in Chelmsford I was told no fags none of your type or one in London said no women stay at home get a bloke to look after you or the worst one of all was there was this firm in white chapple who the dss at hoxston arranged two meets on the fone the said employer said no thanks we don’t want british white pigs and starting sporting on about what we did all them years ago as I pointed out you olde bag what ever England did in the past is not my problem and I woulnt work for you if you payed me ,its understandable in eastern London most employers there would only take on family members as when I used to get the boys to help in batty fashions they would never employ an outsider which I thought was very unfair but you cant forse any one to take you if they don’t like your skin colour .so any way I was told if I wanted my stamp or ever get any of the unemployment jsa benefits ever I would have to sign off and take self employment or ill never get benefit ever ,so I was left with an cumundrum would I be able to support ones self doing what I could do so oft I went back to hoxston job center aFTER CDC IN WHITE CHAPPLE SCARBOROUGH STREET SAID WELL YOU COULD ALLWAYS LIE ON  YOUR RESSIMEY OR CIRTIUM VIATA LIKE YOU COULD BUMP UP YOUR QUALIFICATIONS SAY YOUR A POILOT OR A DOCTOR WE WILL BACK YOU UP AS I SAID WHAT DREAM WORLD YOU IN IM NOT GOING TO LIE TO IMPROVE YOUR BLOODY FIGGERS BUT SHE SAID WE ARE PAYED ON YOU LEAVE THE DLOE THE GOVERMENT CAN SAY UNEMPLOYMENT FIGGERS HAVE GONE DOWN AS I SAID ILL DO YOUR SELF EMPLOYMENT AS I NEVER WANT TO SUFFER THE INDIGNATY OF YOU LOT ,SO I WENT TO THE DLOE OFFICE AND AGREED TO GIVE THEM WHAT THAY WANTED I DIDNT REALLY HAVE A CHOICE SO SHE SAID WHAT YOU GOING TO DO I SAID WRITTING MODLEING PIC OKAY OH YES T YOULL GET HELP FROM WORKING TAX CREADITS AS YOULL ONLY MAKE A FEW POUNDS A WEEK SO I AGREED I THOUGHT ANYTHINGS BETTER THAN THE SAULESS EXISTNACE ON THE DOLE AND BEEING CUT OFF WITH NOTHING .SO ON MAY 20012 I LEFT AND WITH THE GENTALL AUTHORS HELP I STARTED DOING THE STORYS FROM THE PAPER ID WRITTEN ON AT THE TIME IT WAS HARD LEARNING HOW TO USE A COMPUTOR AND HARDER EMOTUIONALLY HAVING TO REVIST AND LIVE THE STORYS OF MY CAR CRASH PAST ON THE OTHER HAND WOULD ANY BODY BE INTERESTED EVEN THOU AT THAT TIME 20 YEARS PREVIOUSLEY THAt in the Braintree years I was asked to do that but on the other hand I thought thee world has moved on and people have mostly forgotten about the 1970s humor or in deed about a man that abused you but as I thought what other opitions are open none or its the  streets again and I thought ive slept on park benches in Ipswich back in 1980 I don’t want to go there again park benches and foxey eating my cheese rolls should be left inb thee past and not only that its cold and very frightening on the streets no body wants to know you only insult you next time the story continues as I go back to late 2012 so until then time to get the uttoxeter stage coach in this thick foggey night in temperatures of 34 deggrees farenhite

a selection of pics about tower hamlets and Christmas in uttoxeter

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