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its parte three of the ending storys as I return to the year of 2012 and the self employment oh I wished on hindsight I rule thee day I ever got talked into it what a total conn dynnargh welclome falite croeso

December 8, 2016

as one said in the previous parte of this story may be any one else that’s thinking of doing self employment from the dole beware look at the pro s and conns before venchering on such a change for ones self its been dept worry and hardship with tower hamlets loosing the reaseats why the tax people have to have such a stupid system of having to send the reaseats to the council I will never know and they don’t except photo copys it has to be the original documentation .but that’s just one of thee pitfalls off it now apparently ive been in formed that one would have to pay thee money back are thay taking the piss or what as mrs thatcher said no no no this lady is not for giving in with the hours of filming and having to get extra things for doing it where do they think the money came from or do thay think its a harry potter movie where I can wave a wand and yes the money will appear if like by magic on thee floor ,that say the law says I need to live on 73 pounds a week on that system I was getting 125 out of that that council wanted 100 that’s 25 pounds aweek so the fundermentall issues here is why have I got into dept and being chased by dept collection agency s where did thee money go as well as having to pay natuanall insurance conterbutions at 70 every three monthes some people have got lots of exspaining to do  the most important thing here was why was all the reseats and council paperwork  stolen but yet the hopusing officers card was neatly placed on the mat even thou I was told by others its mighty suppisious when thay came to investergate ,but what about here well its a case of giving me the wrong information as you know it was court day at Cannock county court yet I payed the money on waiting for reaseats but only got thee reminders with no letter telling one what I had to pay ,no wonder im at thee end of my teather I wish people would tell the truth and not treat me like im some sort of fucking idiot which insults my intelligence ,there are lots of unanwerd questions that have not been fully addressed when I signed off the dole I was told that yes you get help writing and moderling so why if it wasn’t the case why have after three years been informed different ,im not a charity you know like every one else you do thee work you expect payment that’s why you work in the first place not to get a load of bulshit and promises and words of oh yes we can make you rich so why hasn’t it happened ,justice has not been done as for tower dodgie hamlets thay would tell lies for England Scotland Ireland and wales as well as the isle of man they terriosed me they got what thay wanted in getting me out of there flat and still thay are taking the piss when you leave any where after 18years your entitled to moving costs I got nothing not exectible or indeed fair ,and an insult

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