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oh dear its thee final parte 4 my times sadley up and I have to say good byeafter nearly four years I really do wish to say that its a happy ever after but sadly its not the case to say a total disaster is an understatement and still that stupid little council in eastern London towerhamlets still terriousing me in trying to make me pay when I wasn’t there for rentlets hope for a public scandle dynnargh welclome falite croeso

December 9, 2016

well its thee final end o0f my life story and thee people I encountered in my life from annimalls paul and keith the pigs at the time was my only friends even thou thay got me into loads of bother over the steeling of thee cakes and that time when paul slipped into my auntys best room and was asleep on her sheep skin rug by the sunhouse electric fire or the time I put sent down the toilet as it said ohda la toilet but when I put bleech on my skin it burnt like mad for a few hours ,or when I eat thee choc dropps that the trouble when your a child you cannot read ,or when I used to make the kittens there little outfits as well as mine out of her old frocks in fact from them days theres one of my self taken in that home made little red number with the white lace collor it was days when it was make mend or do or nothing as my aunt allways had the excuse oh your mother woulnt like it if we got you any thing .then the big blue balloon that was cought on the old fence that day I was so pleased when I showed farmer paul and for a time it was every where I went but when it flew away I felt so sad but little did I realise the pain of the later years would bring me .what farmer paul did well what can  I say but to see him many years in dezes shop that day in the ptor years in fact my mother said do you know paul died on that sunday at the same time I saw him .then there was paul ptor himself the first man that tried to chat me up it seemed at the rtime that love had finally come and my prince was mine how wrone I was as I thought at the time well I wanted that sex bomb prince harry id love a toy boy man ,but there you go as paul went then it was another three years till mark came with his cheek and allways on the want but he just didn’t want to take me anywhere to his mates partryys and after all his promises we never meet  to be continued I got to get thee uttoxeter stage by the light of thee silvery moon I hope them parie dogs anit howerling mind you at least WE HAVENT GOT ANY RED INDIAINS CALLED SUE FIREING ARROWS AT US

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