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thee final parte 4of thee ending storys it seems I was slod down thee river with out a paddle dynnargh welcolme falite

December 12, 2016

from thee early days in my life people never stayed very long and it seems that what happened in childhood would unfortually happen like a mirror image in my adult hood but I suppose the biggest dissapointmant was mark rought of Cannock if the bloke didn’t make one excuse it was another but still expected me to hel;p him out at first it was gentall percagene but as the time went by it was bullying he could just not understand the terrible things he done with out any contionce or contrission I knew he had his son but yet I was never allowed to see him or have any parte of his life in thee end the situation got so bad then he would go to his mates partys but I was never invited or if I went over there he would go out or when I carried the heavey cakes and felt ill he said I hope you didn’t make a mess on the pathment and if id of saw you dead on thee pathment I would of known it was you it was marks total cruelity towards me and when I said can I stay thee night he said oh just if you come over don’t assume your going to stay like I was a piece of trash when I said well you blasted your ex on thee face book he said nothing when I said that why you blocked me fromn sending you messages he said I didn’t and that his sight had pics of ethan on it and not only that he had regular links with a drag artist there was no end to his deception nand even lied about sending me a birthday card two years running but yet no card came even thou he assured me that he had posted them but yet not even a text he would rather hang about with his mates and go to the gym rather than spend his time with me unfortually its just coused me heart ake and dept I wont be that stupid again the thing with him was he get on his mates van and just give the ussall se4xuall talk but im afraid it looks like with the mankini he was taking tpiss so I called it a day it wasn’t going any where he wanted me up here but when I came he didn’t want to know well that’s it time up time to say thanks to every one in lo0ndon for thee past help thanks to the local housing assiation for renting me a place here thanks to word press and have a happy Christmas and a happy new year so where do I go from here who knows but now ive no one and im heart broken if only ptor paul would of came if only as I loved him so much lifes a bitch goodbye my lifes fineshed on here now at last I turn my back on the situastion

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  1. Sarah permalink
    July 13, 2017 5:04 pm

    i hope you are OK and happy

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