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so when I first started one of thee many schools I attended in my formative years in 1966 when I first went to the firstone for a week I wrote this the teacher of the little primary school in Milton under whychwood in Oxfordshire said well that’s not Oxfordshire my duck and as I got told off you do not use your left hand as the ruler once again hit my knuckels och dynnargh welclome falite croeso so lets return to may 1966

November 11, 2017

oh schools life I hated it all I was interested in boys why was some big why was some small I asked my self at the time ? we was set an essay to write as I thought what can one write about ,as I took the ink pen to paper I wrote this comeus to a autum day in thus fields where us lay with our heads in the hay that be just cutuths only a day that thee hasuth past .as thy and I look up at e thee sky as we wonder why the clouds pass by as thee look beyond to see the heavens above as thus clouds gather pace as we get up and ek we don’t halth race to take shelter under the olde oak tree whereas thee and me wrote our names ninb on 7 years ago when thee and me was tikes as we both carved our names on thus day as us youngons climed thee tree as thy went up to see as farath as thee could see to see thee olde farm hands Thomas how big and grang thee looks with syth in hand as Robert was standing thus there scoffing his grub as we heard Thomas thus say thamungerritettin as thee says to thee look Thomas said thee must eat his tatter pie as thee and thus I clim down and fall to thy ground as thus hear thee sound of the horses comeing up thee lane guick lets be gone if thee catch them we can get home before thus rain as thy runs as fast as thay can be as olde bill there tis he be as he says to thee and thee boy lass he says to me how thee has grown as then he looks at guy what thee me laddie you soon be starting big school soon as we get on the olde cart as the men load it and soon we on our way to the olde house by thee stream


thee guyfawkes decorations from 1985 put up again at ask towers in 2017 dynnargh welclome falite croeso and thee ghost of gudio fawkes from 2014 remember remember thee 5th of November 1605

November 9, 2017


thee ghost lamp of olde cressing village so lets return to thee Braintree years 1975 to 1994 dynnargh welclome falite croeso and as thay say in Braintree hullo darlin okay mate

November 9, 2017

so heres the ghost lamp in this parte one of 5 of thee story of the famous headless horseman whom has been talked about for canterys even one of my step farthers recalls in his childhood years the story of thee headless horseman and that was over 85 years ago even thou a few years ago now ghosts hunters visted thee town and found ghosts walking up and down the high street going about there daily bussness like that was still alive and in 1978 I saw them for my sself over the years I tried to find a lamp like it but since it comes from a time that where time doesn’t exsist aftwer all time is manmade any was I made one a few years ago at secpit towers but it was only a rougfh copy a few monthes ago a pic that was taken reaperd that I thought ted in 1992 had taken to Islington in northan London but at thee time the pic was lost so resonately I had it blown up and even thou its only the lamp has appeared the headless horseman hasn’t after I took thee pic on my rough fone I put the pic on the table in a olde ash tray where for some unknown reason it cought on fire IMG_20171109_112402IMG_20171108_180020IMG_20171109_123424IMG_20171108_181156 a few weeks ago I asked a local black smithif he would make one of thee lamop and here it is chilling end of parte one

and heres the leaving decorations first thought off back in 2015 thay was to mark thee end in 2016 of my time at secpit towers dynnargh falite croeso welclome also some of gudio fawkes 1605 and 2017

November 7, 2017

as one in all knows my time at ash close is finally coming to an end unfortually the sequine of events and some peoples attutueds on the place has finally couced a hiatus opinion in some respects has been negative on thee whole living in uttoxeter has been interesting with lots of interesting nice people where ones lives I have been called a menase and asked when I intend to leave I have tried my dardist to help and get along with my neighbours but some have made the situation impossible the housing officer said she was having problems with a same situation in roster with some one else I have found living here thee most lonelyist times in my life

and this is guyfawkes pics as well from this november

guyfawkes the story of himself and the gunpowderplot of 1605 remember remember thee 5th of November dynnargh welclome croeso welclome in 1604 London was a very different city to what it is today as lets take a look at times in the city and did you know tis been said that gudio guy fawkes confession and signature is in the lobby of thee houses of parliament

October 31, 2017

in 1604 guyfawkes changed his name to john Johnson and found a place to stay near the houses of parliament he took on the role as servant come body gard. in London the houses was made of wood and built very close together the streets had markets and some houses u lived upstares whilst your animals lived underneath in the east end of London tis be said that the nickolas nickaby estate could of been a example of such dwellings in use there wasn’t many brick built buldings the tower its self was made of it back in thee 10th centery a place to hold prisoners .there was no drainage so if u was unlucky enough to pas by an open winder where rubbish was throun out of them people fell into two catagrees the mainly poor the grout was worth about 4d so you got 4 to one shilling the streets was cobbled and dirty next time I talk about my first meeting with guy fawkes and you woulnt belive the pain I felt and sadness it was emmmence and that smile wow I was blown away as he fluttered his long eye lashes at me

have a happy Halloween 2017 croeso welclome dynnargh falite

October 30, 2017

as we all know Halloween is when the dead come back to life on earth for one night of the year it comes from our pagan times and comes from Ireland how ever today the event is more cellibrated in the usa heres some of my collection that’s up now in my dwellingIMG_20171030_125543IMG_20171030_125528IMG_20171030_113632IMG_20171030_113444IMG_20171030_113426IMG_20171030_113347 happy halloween

remember remember thee 5th of November 1605as once again its time to once again REMEMBER THEE GUN POWDER PLOT DYNNARGH WELCLOME FALITE CROESO WELCLOME

October 30, 2017

WE ALL KNOW THE STORY OF WHAt happened in the early 1600s so lets look back starting with thee early years of guy fawkes life guy was born in yorke in thee year 1570 aprill 13th he was a aries he was the only child born to Edward and edith fawkes hes mother was a catholic and his dad was a protestant guy was babtised in the local church to wear he lived saint micheal of la belfry ,in guys formative years he was infullenced by the catholic faith ,IN 1578 HIS DAD DIED SO HIS MOTHER HAD TO FIND A REAPLACEMENT AND WHEN SHE DID SHE REMARRIED THIS TIME TO A CATHOLIC ONE GUY FAWKES ATTENEDED HIS LOCAL SCHOLL IN YORKE WHERE HE MET UP WITH CHRISTOPHER AND JOHN WRIGHT LITTLE DID HE KNOW THAT MANY YEARS LAter that he would team up with the brothers again ,guy fawkes was a good learner and studded hard at his lessons and became head boy of his years .in 1590 he lleft school and decided to live abroad and then went to fight with the Spanish against the dutch in flanders which he rose through the ranks .until 1603 when a fellow soldier William Stanley whom used to fight for the English armey even thou he was a great welsh man introduced gudio he was called then after changing his name to Thomas winter whom persuaded him to return to England to meet up with Robert Catesby as he had a propersistion to put to guy Catesby who was a charming attivist knew that guy gudio was the man he neede to help as guy was thee only one who knew how to handle explosives end of parte two