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parte two of the ghostlamp and the vist of the ghost guy fawkes when back in august I was told that I would soon be dead dynnargh welclome falite croeso

December 8, 2017

so lets return as guy fawkes comeuth with me as the lamp lights up the south side of the light all of a sudden things goes very dark all of a sudden im back at the farm as guy fawkes says come my dear thus will afford the luxuary of time .as the pigs keith and paul are as thay used to be eating as the lamp flickers now my dear you never had thee chance to say good bye now this is youre only chance to do thus this but can thay see me I said thou can do this as I reach down as paul comes I bend down and kiss his head and say goodbye darling as paul just stands there as keith comes and pushes his head into my legs as I reach down and kiss his head and kiss him as I say I so miss you both all of a sudden all goes dark as the lamp fickers and lights uop the west side of the glass as guy fawkes says now lets go back to 2009 where are we don’t you reamember thus be out side rubber jonnies shop in hcambridge heath road thus doth say on youre only time that in youre life that you had found one moment be it so sort that you experanced happiness comeuth with me do I have to I sauid yes come here you are look my dear as you enter ye enters the shop in your yellow leather as I see my self looking at the things he has on sale .as I go to leave rubber jonnie was standing there wringing his hands together as he allways did .as he turns to say you know you was in the new white chair shop in sclater street the other day the bloke who you haven’t met before with Darren is his brother paul and he likes you a lot as I go on my way I felt at last a man actually likes me I cant belive it as guy fawkes wrapps his clock around me and says as the lamp lights up the east side comeuth my dear as its time for you to return to the market no I cant as guy says I feel youre pain of a broken heart but you must all of a sudden we in pauls shop but nothing is mooveing as guy says watch my dear he knows your hear well his sprit does what have to say to ye its your only chance my dear go to him as I kiss him on the cheek and I say im so sorry it didn’t work out that I will allways love you and never forget you handsome as I stand there as I look at him I see a tear on his face time for us to go as the lamp starts to flicker wildly whats happening I say its time for you to return my dear all of a sudden im back in my living room looking at ones self in thee chair as guy started to fade as he says we have the link you are so loved more than you never know my love all of a sudden he appears in body comeuth let me hold you once again as I felt his body against mine and then he was gone as the lamp fades don’t forget youll be visted by two more ghosts tommrow night


as the ghost lamp and thee figger return on august the 18th2015dynnargh welclome falite croeso

December 7, 2017

after being told in the hospital in white chapel eastern London that it would not be adviseable to leave as I could die if I did as I said to the doctor that I would not stay and that I would return in the morning and that I would walk home after being offerd a lift home .as I left the hospital and lit up a ciggy and went on my way down thee white chapple road and went down valance road .until I came up to the traffic lights on the bethnall green high I crossed over the traffic lights and continued along my way to I arrived at cesspit I made a few phone calls and thought about the unfortuant events of the day as I sat down with a cup of tea .all of a sudden the light started to flicker and the room became cold as I thought about mark and how I wonder if I ever would see him again .and ptor would he like all my friends be sad if I died and my mother how would she cope

as I sat there wondering as the smell of matches came into the room as the red glow of the lamp appeared out side the winder as the flickering of the baulb intensified as the figger grew and stood beside me comeuth my dear one its time to come with me as I looked at my self in the guy fawkes said don’t worry youll return to earth but you must follow thus be doth say that ye mustuth come as we walked through the door as I took one last glance behind at my self still holding the pic of mark comuth its time as I looked at the top of thee lamp it lit up as guy fawkes cloke wrapped its self around me all of a sudden the lamp was lighting only the west side and it lit up sclater street as guy fawkes said commuth lets go to the shop where ny on 5years or more hath past sinceye last went in there and your parting words was allways keep the sprit of chrstmas in youre heart paul so lets see what doth had happened when you left ? do I have to yes don’t worry he wont be able to see thee reamember we are not intime youre as much as a sprit as thee hath been for over 4oo years or more .comeuth look theres me leaving the shop as the door closes as thee and me walk through the door theres paul sitting on the sofa with his fancy piece as guy says look at him what doth one see I don’t under stand I say what do you mean ? my dear one the sigh of sadness my dear the sign of sadness comeuth as the shop disappears as the lamp lights only the north side where are we I say its all black look harder guy said we in wheres theres no time look up as the lamp lights only the top as guy says this is the universe where the lamp comes from .as I stare up at the sky as a flash of light shoots by that’s called a shooting star my dear in the distance the moon and look closer guy says at the red thing on the left as it felt like I was thousand of feet tall as the lamp it seems like im standing on it as guy says that’s be mars and the orange one is the sun quick we must move on as one can see the universe is vast comeuth my dear lots for ye to see end of parte one of two also on this page the Christmas decorations on 2017 as the computors playing up I think its needs a new pcl805 valve or at least a vallium heres the ghost lamp and the figger by the lamp is gudio fawkes and not forgetting the headless horseman

some pics at my time at ash towers so lets start with easter2017 and guyfawkes who came in on filming of his decorations on November 4th 2017 dynnargh welcolm falite croeso

November 25, 2017

in my time here the great picture taker kate peters has come to take a few of the occations of the year ie the harry decorations .September 15th which sadly she coudnt make then the birthday decorations on November 6th .the guy fawkes decorations November 5th 1605 the most spookey ones I ever did and now due to a lot ofdelays the headless horseman and this time the full story about what happened back in 1986 the time that was never written when in 1991 on aprill 20th we went again and the following easter back in 1992 next time now ive got to brave the first snows of the year at 39degrees farenhite brr wheres a nice warm big bear to cuddle ?23805486_10155780618617744_1766390661_n20196829_10155432599172744_774022473_n23805486_10155780618617744_1766390661_n

so its parte two of how the story of the ghostlamp and the headless horseman of olde cressing village from 1986 dynnargh welclome falite croeso

November 18, 2017

so lets return to January 1986 as once again paul who came to vist with that stinking willy of his which is now nice and clean and ted who came to vist so lets return .paul said can you call me a taxi well you insist youre a taxi hows about that as ted follows me into the kitchen as I put the kettle on and go to the oven and open the door as ted said I see you got a tray of hot buns in there as paul comes in and said are thay sticky I love a couple of sticky buns ?.I could eat a elephant as I said sorry elephants off this week as they make the rubarb grow to 30foot tall outside .as ted looks out thee winder and theres johno as he says look at that hes fingering your pussy .as he opens the winder and says I say olde chappy do you mind not fingering her pussy like in that matter its simpley not british I say as johno says you got a problem mate she loves her pussy with my fingers sucking on it as my pussy runs out of his arms and runs in doors sees pauls willy on the shag pile mat and goes to sniff it and its fur blows up twice the size and runs right up the top of the curtain .oh well done ted I said you have upset my pussy oh pauls theres some choc drops for you to give one to your will as paul says oh id eaten them all as I said you greedy pig men as the tray of buns have all gone as paul said thanks then got to go see you next week .as paul leaves with his willy ted and I sit down as he explains that the bussness he stated in Suffolk has finally come to an end the locals went against him and with no one comeing to eat in the reasterant the bank with drew the loan and he will be made bank crupt and he will have to leave in two weeks and no one will give him any shelter I see I said as I went to make the tea .lets see if any one I know can help as I made a few fone calls but every one wouldn’t help him in his plight so I said can you call back next week we see if the council can help you .but bear in mind ted its a small town and people like where you come from unlike Islington are small minded and all realated to one another concervative with a large c if one knows what I mean but lets see you may get some help so come back first thing Monday morning I must go he said ill see you olde bean on Monday and before I knew it it was Monday ted came at 8 am and I sat him down and said this is what well do and we went through his skills on what employment would be suitable for him to do as he would have to go on unemployment benefit and sign on a the local dhss .we went up the council offices thay was no help and the poor man was so distressed so I said you can come and stay with me.the next day we went to his motle and got his things together and collected his four cats and bit by bit and lots of car journeys we got the things to my home .and after that he signed on and we went to Chelmsford dhss and Braintree and in a week I found him a job and after he nearly drove me mad talking about that thatcher woman I found him a little bedsit and as he had no money I lent him the deposit and he moved up there after six monthes he left Braintree and went back to a place called Finsbury park but going back to aprill 20th he and I went to the pub in olde cressing the night of the headless horseman and that’s how it all started coming soon the making of the lamp the hardest thing I ever done and still its not ready you just cant get thee staff

thee story of thee ghostlamp from 1986 as I return to thee Braintree years 1975 to 1994 dynnargh welclome falite croeso

November 16, 2017

so lets return to January 6th 1986 it was a busy cold day id just fineshed taking thee Christmas trimmings down when paul knocked on thee door with his whiffy willy as I opened the door as I said to him paul I hope you have washed your willy as last time it had got on my shag pile and made it stink I had to use a whole bottle of 10001 carpet cleaner and then half a bottle of shag and vac to bring the freashness back .he said nothing as he sat down stroking my pussy ,as I went to make a cup of tea oh he said got any cake ? as I made thee tea and sat beside him .as I could smell his stinking willy .as I stood up and said right paul im going to run some water in the bath as im fed up with having to look and smell your willy it is going to be bathed and you have no choice even my pussy is fed up with the smell of the slimey stinky thing oh okay he said ill just finesh my tea and can I have some more cake ? as I said why not have the whole thing oh yea please I said why you cheeky thing men .I went to put some water in the bath and added some shampoo that I wash my pussy in .right paul lets be having that stinky willy of yours as he have in to the bathroom with it in his hand as it was the water and started to stuggel now paul put it in so I can wash it as he put his willy into the water I stated putting shmpoo on it as I said hold it paul grip it as he said its slipping out of my hands I don’t care he said I think its going stiff now look paul that willy of yours is being bathed if its the last thing I do .I evenchally got pauls willy washed and I got a clean towel and we pulled it out the bath and started to dry it as I said to paul keep hold of it ill go and get the hairdryer oh he said is it going to have a blow job as I said don’t be kinky as I got the hair dryer it shot out of pauls hands as I and him chased it as it shook its self evenchally we got it and paul held it while I blew its dry .now paul you make sure your willy now its freash and clean stays that way as my pussy shot out through the door .then as paul was sitting on the settie with him stroking his clean willy there was a knock at the door as I went to the door it was ted as I said nice to see you ive been expecting you as he said oh I say theres a bloke as I came in stroking youre pussy I say olde been that’s simpley not cricket as I said now that’s not cricket hes allways been into pussy and loves stroking mine end of parte one

so when I first started one of thee many schools I attended in my formative years in 1966 when I first went to the firstone for a week I wrote this the teacher of the little primary school in Milton under whychwood in Oxfordshire said well that’s not Oxfordshire my duck and as I got told off you do not use your left hand as the ruler once again hit my knuckels och dynnargh welclome falite croeso so lets return to may 1966

November 11, 2017

oh schools life I hated it all I was interested in boys why was some big why was some small I asked my self at the time ? we was set an essay to write as I thought what can one write about ,as I took the ink pen to paper I wrote this comeus to a autum day in thus fields where us lay with our heads in the hay that be just cutuths only a day that thee hasuth past .as thy and I look up at e thee sky as we wonder why the clouds pass by as thee look beyond to see the heavens above as thus clouds gather pace as we get up and ek we don’t halth race to take shelter under the olde oak tree whereas thee and me wrote our names ninb on 7 years ago when thee and me was tikes as we both carved our names on thus day as us youngons climed thee tree as thy went up to see as farath as thee could see to see thee olde farm hands Thomas how big and grang thee looks with syth in hand as Robert was standing thus there scoffing his grub as we heard Thomas thus say thamungerritettin as thee says to thee look Thomas said thee must eat his tatter pie as thee and thus I clim down and fall to thy ground as thus hear thee sound of the horses comeing up thee lane guick lets be gone if thee catch them we can get home before thus rain as thy runs as fast as thay can be as olde bill there tis he be as he says to thee and thee boy lass he says to me how thee has grown as then he looks at guy what thee me laddie you soon be starting big school soon as we get on the olde cart as the men load it and soon we on our way to the olde house by thee stream

thee guyfawkes decorations from 1985 put up again at ask towers in 2017 dynnargh welclome falite croeso and thee ghost of gudio fawkes from 2014 remember remember thee 5th of November 1605

November 9, 2017